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Billionaire PET: Mommy, daddy found it!

Billionaire PET: Mommy, daddy found it!

Billionaire PET: Mommy, daddy found it!

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    Billionaire PET: Mommy, daddy found it!
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    Big fish eat big fish
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    Lava Novel
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2022-05-24 04:39:25
Five years ago, the scum man asked her to learn how to be obedient, deliberately designed to frame her, and ordered a man at will with the intention of alcohol when she was angry. Five years later, Shi Yi returns with two cute treasures. She wants to count the people who have provoked her! But unexpectedly, I turned around and met the child's father? Ji Anjin, who is powerful, resolute and decisive? How could she afford to provoke this man? Just when she wanted to clean up and run away, she saw the little guy leading Ji Anjin to the door. The little guy said excitedly, "Mommy, I found Daddy!" Shiyi was petrified on the spot... Seeing Ji Anjin walking towards her step by step with the paternity test, Shiyi was suddenly creepy. "Woman, I heard I was killed by a car? Died of a stroke? And died of exhaustion?" "Listen, listen to me... Um..." suddenly the back of the head was pressed

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