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My wife just wants to live alone

My wife just wants to live alone

My wife just wants to live alone

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    My wife just wants to live alone
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    Qishi Book
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2022-06-12 11:10:16
On the day of Xiao Qingqing's wedding, her fiance eloped with the eldest miss of the Li family. Xiao Qingqing went to the Li family to be an important person. "Brother and sister pay the debt!" If you dare to rob her man, she will be the sister-in-law of Xiao San! Xiao Qingqing and Li Hanshen got married. The news blew up the whole Ancheng circle. However, the agreed marriage period is one year, but the man is unwilling to divorce. It was agreed not to lose heart or kidney, but he made her pregnant with a child! "Li Hanshen, I want a divorce!" "One person has half the property." "Four houses for one person." "Eight cars for one person." "There is only one child, follow me!" "Wife, if we have another one, we can share one." "... get out!"

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