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Song Dynasty a knife

Song Dynasty a knife

Song Dynasty a knife

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    Song Dynasty a knife
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    Gu Wanyin
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    The One Book
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2023-05-27 05:59:39
I often listen to crossing. Once crossing, there is an unknown fellow who crosses together Zhang Shijiu, who was still a little confused, calmed down< Br> after easily pointing out the way for the villagers to cheat, she also went to get familiar with her new identity< Br> well, only eight years old? What? Hearing the bad news, mother's dystocia life hangs on the line< Br> it was not easy to save one, and Zhang Sijiu took the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of supporting his family< Br> what if a newborn has no milk? Doctor Zhang rolled up his sleeve: I'll come< Br> what if a large family has a hard life? Doctor Zhang rolled up his sleeve< Br> what about the poor medical environment in Song Dynasty? Doctor Zhang rolled up his sleeve again< Br> Zhang Sijiu is full of confidence: as long as I recite my medical books fast enough, it will not catch up with me in all difficulties< Br> as for fellow villagers, Zhang Sijiu politely asked: are you willing to devote yourself to medicine?

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