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Be a Dan God in your life

Be a Dan God in your life

Be a Dan God in your life

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    Be a Dan God in your life
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    Gu Li, Chang'an
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    Ethical Novel
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2023-03-27 05:22:10
The judge trembled after drinking. Ye sining, who had a long life, died in an inexplicable car accident. In order to cover up his fault, the judge took two liang fragrant tea to find the director of the crossing bureau to renew Ye sining's life. Who expected to wear the wrong time again? It's okay. We're the director. Who are we afraid of? Come again "Hey, hey, girl, the time is wrong. It's okay. Let's wear it again!" The director of the crossing Bureau smiled "yes!" Seeing ye sining's promise, the director was very happy. He just wanted to cast the spell. He only heard Ye sining say innocently: "anyway, my cousin's nephew didn't delay after drinking. How dare I have any opinion?" "you heard me?" "what do you say?" "Liangtian adds an upgraded Linglong tower." "add another dimension of the robot cat." "robot cat won, no!" "ouch, that two catties of fragrant tea ~" "the official has a big man to cover you." "does the boss have a robot cat?" "almost got it!" "that's a deal!" at the moment before the coma, the voice of the director of the crossing Bureau echoed in his mind: "Hey, hey, enjoy the body of the original owner without experiencing the pain of the original owner. How can he live for the original owner wholeheartedly? The pain of crossing is respect for the original owner!" This dead old man, I'm dizzy.

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