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I m not the white moonlight double of the big guys

I m not the white moonlight double of the big guys

I m not the white moonlight double of the big guys

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    I m not the white moonlight double of the big guys
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    Tail tone
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    Day Books
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2022-05-25 09:29:18
In order to save enough money for the trip home, Michelle became the white moonlight double in a popular novel the original owner is a standard substitute female partner. The male owners asked her to be a substitute for the female owner, donate kidney to the female owner and make way for the female owner. She agreed later, the original owner couldn't stand blackening, but he was jointly dealt with by the male owners, resulting in disfigured and tragic death on the street the task of Michelle is to finish the original plot and achieve sadistic achievements. However... in Jiang Yu's impression, Michelle is only a substitute he found and can only rely on his own existence. After true love came back, he did not hesitate to abandon the woman who loved her to the bone later, he regretted, but found that the woman who cried to him not to leave had gathered all kinds of excellent men around him the movie king who once regarded her as a shield stepped on her to the top just for the top fresh meat of the goddess in his mind, and recovered his memory. He regretted not having the original President... the original arrogant men begged humbly, "smile, it turns out that the person I love is you." with a masked smile, he looked at his rising deposit and suddenly got a new sadistic trick * as a villain who successfully lives to the end of the plot, Sifei is cruel and vicious. Smiling is the stupidest woman he has ever seen. Her mind is full of love later, he watched the girl being cheated by others again and again, and finally couldn't bear to rob them. "Stay by my side and I'll do your work." [he looks like a crying little flower, but actually he abused slag and fish without mercy. The daughter of the sea x is paranoid and vicious. She thinks of the sick villain frying the fish pond every day]