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Jade lazy Fairy

Jade lazy Fairy

Jade lazy Fairy

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9377 ratings
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    Jade lazy Fairy
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    Deep sister
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    Health Books
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2023-05-27 10:57:11
The lazy girl of the jade diligent family has a fairy fate. It is said that she will be accepted as a disciple by the immortal but who knows that yulansi's only wish in this life is to eat and die cultivating immortality doesn't exist. It's impossible to cultivate immortality in this life. Whoever loves it will repair it Yu diligent: "either marry Li gouyu from the next village, or go to cultivate immortals with immortals. You choose." yulansi: "I choose to marry Li gouyu." Yu diligent:... an immortal:... but later: yulansi: Zhenxiang (~  ̄▽  ̄) ~ - PS: the contents of the previous seven chapters have been modified. If you care, you can go and have a look. What you don't want to see doesn't affect your later reading finally, ask for recommended tickets and monthly tickets, ha, Moda.

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