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Beauty glory

Beauty glory

Beauty glory

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    Beauty glory
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    Jixia Ruyao
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    Garden Novel
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2022-06-22 20:35:33
Fu ronghua died in winter, only a month from her 20th birthday it took her only three days to fall into the mud when I entered the palace at the age of 15, I was favored by the emperor. Three thousand people were prosperous in one body and spoiled the back palace I didn't know until I died that I was just a chess piece. The emperor wanted to block the chess pieces in the back palace of the former dynasty just because she doesn't have such a big family background and noble status, she is the most suitable to contain the existence of concubines and is also the most suitable chess piece to stand in front of the stage and annoy the former dynasty. when he needs it, he will protect her and give her glory. When he doesn't need it, it will be the day of her death her short life turned out to be just a joke. It was ridiculous that she gave her sincerity to the emperor there is no repentance before death. She is just unwilling to become a chess piece what is the emperor's love? She didn't know in the previous life. After rebirth, she understood that the love of the emperor was just love but not love when she loved him, he abandoned him like my shoes. When she didn't love him, he loved him crazy it's ridiculous and absurd. It's just that she understands and doesn't love anymore. In this life, she wants power and prosperity, but she doesn't want him.