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Nancheng Pavilion lamp

Nancheng Pavilion lamp

Nancheng Pavilion lamp

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    Nancheng Pavilion lamp
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    Orange 0120
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    Sky Book
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2022-06-22 19:06:12
That night, the sky was like a navy blue curtain, and the streets were empty. Inoue found Zhou Beining covered with scars in an alley that night, the night sky was full of stars. It was late at night. Zhou Beining met jingzeye who was drunk in a pub in those difficult times, they found each other, redeemed each other, broke into each other's night and became each other's light "in this long and cumbersome night, you are my only light." but after some bumps, they finally lost a few years later, Zhou Beining founded her own studio and became an art teacher, and Inoue Zeye also became an excellent dubbing actor at a large-scale business event, they met unexpectedly. Jingzeye stood on the podium and his eyes always fell in one direction of the audience "when you look up at the sky, you think you are looking at the stars and looking for the starlight, but in fact, the stars are looking at you."