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Rebirth age: the prosperous days of fat cook

Rebirth age: the prosperous days of fat cook

Rebirth age: the prosperous days of fat cook

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    Rebirth age: the prosperous days of fat cook
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    Just love to eat
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-02-07 09:06:34
Once reborn, the fat dead Ke Baijia returned to the 1960s with an adventure the object of quitting marriage is destined to be rich and have no worries about food and clothing, so Ke Baijia made a decisive decision to continue quitting marriage she's going to be a pretty girl of Leng kebaijia cool career I thought I was engaged in business and had no love for food and drink in my life, but the man like the iron tower used love and protection to forcibly pry away the heart wall of resistance copywriter 2 after rebirth, Ke Baijia thought he was coming back to compensate the family who paid for her, but he was held in the palm of his hand by his family to maintain care openly and secretly; She thought she was coming back to retaliate against the best scum cheap, but before they made much moves, they broke themselves. The next life was smooth, and a tall figure kept in front of her to protect her from the wind and rain Ke Baijia: I suspect you are greedy for my delicious food to work so hard iron tower man: I'm greedy, not just food mine clearance Guide: 1. Shuangjie, the female master was cheated into marriage in her last life, but she didn't sleep with the slag man, and the male master had no object in her last life 2. Those who are obsessed with moral cleanliness can rest assured. This article does not exist. If you see someone good, jump on it. Love belongs to a long stream 3. The male leader is not a bully, but a father boyfriend. The bandit's appearance is a matter of mother's heart, and he should be careful if he cares 4. Mistakes in typos, suggestions and titles are welcome to be taught, but the only malicious comments that are refined, refined and rise to the author level are prohibitions. I hope you can respect yourself 5. The rhythm is slow and hot. Kiss more than 900 chapters. You can leave quietly if you mind. There are thousands of good books in the bookstore. Don't come to the documentary to hurt each other!

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