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Fairy shop

Fairy shop

Fairy shop

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    Fairy shop
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    The teacher stopped
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-05-17 17:03:23
As a traveler, Xiao Zhu said, "life rises and falls too fast. It's really hard to live!". Lucky Xiao Zhu has become an immortal, the ultimate meaning of life! From then on, I was promoted and raised, became CEO, married Gao fushuai, and reached the peak of my life! I'm so excited to think about it! But why do immortals eat? Immortals also want to buy a house, pay social security and medical insurance, and find a job? This is not the wrong set! Mom! Take the baby away this is a funny story of three noes Xiaobai who has no dignity, no skills and ruthless business, crossing the fairy world! All the characters in this article are purely fictional. If there are similarities, it is pure coincidence!

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