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Is it hard for me to be a man once

Is it hard for me to be a man once

Is it hard for me to be a man once

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    Is it hard for me to be a man once
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    Roast duck and tofu
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    Only Novel
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Chen Liang, a handsome guy with wide shoulders and narrow hips in the 21st century, finally made a fortune. He bought a car and a house. He saw that his wife and children were going to heat up the Kang. Who ever thought, suddenly, he was hit by a car and people were gone before it could be reincarnated, a gadget claiming to be a universal system was bound wear clothes to do tasks in all time and space< Br>, "you say, do the task, do the work. I am a bit of a problem when I am a male leader. elder brother is not really the right person. Is this really the right way?" Chen Liangke was not the first time to make complaints about the situation. Br > is it useful? Of course, it's no use ~ "just be a male Lord once and ask for a universal system ~" Chen Liang almost knelt "hey... Hey! You're thinking of farting!" the system adult said.

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