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The general s lucky peasant wife

The general s lucky peasant wife

The general s lucky peasant wife

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    The general s lucky peasant wife
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    Fatty sausage fish in sour soup
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    Apple novel
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2022-06-05 03:31:57
Shen Fengliang lives a leisurely farm life in Baihua town in addition to being able to raise their own fat for nothing, they can also take care of their family every week now she wants to make money and secure her husband's life but the day is always a failure. People fall down one "cake" after another and hit her. She can't even answer the future emperor, future officials, future doctors and future teachers... one future heavyweight after another hit her head, even the future Regent of Beirong hit her head she can't believe it herself. But as long as you are good at it, you can eat no amount of bread from the sky after all, in her life: her ancestors can speak among a group of characters my husband won his own bet my brother is hardworking my sister and mother hurt themselves a good friend is reliable I am invincible in Baihua town if there is anything she is not satisfied with, that is: there is not enough money; My husband always wants to run away what should I do?! Then make more money, use money to hit the husband's leg lame, and he can't run one day: (coughing) you crippled my general. How can he go to the battlefield SHEN Fengliang: I'll do it for him a husband: Madam, it's hard.

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