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Mumu, don t make trouble

Mumu, don t make trouble

Mumu, don t make trouble

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    Mumu, don t make trouble
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    Mu Yanmo
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    Apple novel
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2022-05-20 00:35:52
She is a man of the moment in the school. She jumps up and down, is unruly, often makes trouble everywhere, and has everything bad. But just like this, her grades are exceptionally good, which makes teachers love and hate he was originally a high cold and excellent school grass in school, but he was no longer high cold because he met her. He was often half killed by her, but he couldn't beat her and scold her. He had to spoil her like a princess and let himself suffer seeing that she was ready to climb over the wall again, he said coldly, "Yang Mu, you come down!" a little woman on the high wall didn't think so, but turned her head slightly and smiled brightly: "Dear president, I'll count. There will be fragrant steamed buns waiting for me outside today. In order not to keep the delicious food waiting, I'll go out and have a look. When I've had enough fun, I'll come back and bye." after that, she turned over and jumped down from the high wall, leaving Li Fuzhi (Yun. Zhi) Against that wall is an infinite storm.

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