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The whole entertainment industry is my black powder

The whole entertainment industry is my black powder

The whole entertainment industry is my black powder

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    The whole entertainment industry is my black powder
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    Jiuyu's sail
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    Beauty Read
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2023-05-26 05:11:22
After the vest was exposed, I turned into a top stream Introduction: [Vest + metaphysics + illogical cool] Lu Miaomiao, heir to the metaphysical family having been in the entertainment industry for two years, he offended more than half of the stars in the entertainment industry with an open mouth and gained a group of black powder black powder: it has harmed half the entertainment circle. Why do you have the face to stay here Lu Miaomiao V: because of dreams - the former assistant resigned, and the new assistant is a black and white college student Yi chenge: "sister Miao Miao, you can rest assured that the camera teacher has promised not to follow." after the program was broadcast, her identity as a metaphysical master was exposed Lu Miaomiao: "??" Yi chenge looked guilty: "sorry, sister Miaomiao, I forgot to remind you that you still have a camera." even if he knew his true face, Lu Miaomiao was bought by his beauty and chose to forgive him unexpectedly, this is just the beginning. The identity of the dubbing first sister, the identity of the chief designer of the maze, the mysterious person who helped the criminal police solve major cases, and the identity of the first person in the hacker community have been revealed in turn Lu Miaomiao was angry: "you did it on purpose!" Yi chenge smiled: "I'm helping you fulfill your dream. Don't you succeed now?" [immovable straight woman vs white cut black fake university]

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