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Sheng Suluo

Sheng Suluo

Sheng Suluo

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    Sheng Suluo
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    Qing Menghan Wei
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    Bestcar read
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2023-04-30 20:55:44
The God King asked, "what is the Taoist partner in the fairy's heart?" Ling Wei said to the fairy, "if you want to marry your nephew, you don't have to. I saw too many joys and sorrows of couples along the way, and I don't want to separate my heart." the God King smiled, "I just want to hear what is the mate selection standard of a brilliant fairy? She will never introduce her nephew to the fairy." Ling Wei sighed lightly. It seems that she can't scare the God King without bluffing, so she smiled, "Do I look like a Taoist companion in my heart? Listen, you can't do without one! That man, if he wants to, can go up to the palace, go down to the thatched cottage, take control of the world, win the demon emperor, hold his swaddling clothes, hold the high hall, pick up wild cats, throw down rebellious children, be handsome, and laugh at me." the God King was stunned and said, "please explain." Ling Wei smiled, "Even if you have the ability to be the main hall of the town, you can also be willing to connect the thatched houses and sewers for ordinary people. You have the ability to manage an interface and have the ability to beat the demon emperor in the demon world. You should be able to coax a baby who can't speak and take care of the sick parents in bed. You should have the kindest heart in the world and a ruthless heart that others don't have. It must be in the eyes of ordinary people As a recognized handsome guy, I have to put on airs and pretend to be ugly to make me happy. Hehe, I can't do without one. " at first, some people laughed. Later, suddenly, the whole hall became very quiet and the needles could be heard.

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