The Vigilante Diaries – Beta Demo

The Vigilante Diaries is a Choose Your Own Adventure style narrative-driven role-playing game where a masked vigilante sets out to clean up the streets.

In The Vigilante Diaries you are an army vet who has returned home to find his home city ravaged by crime and corruption. He decides to slip on a mask and set out to do something about it, and you experience … Read More

Last Moon – Beta Demo

Last Moon is a beautifully animated top-down action RPG that draws inspiration from 90’s classics as a Lunar Knight sets out to bring harmony back to the world.

In Last Moon you are a Lunar Knight who awakens/hatches from a crystal and sets out to save the moon and the world. The world has fallen into chaos after human greed triggered the destruction of the … Read More

Tower of Mask – Beta Demo

Tower of Mask features a unique fusion of tile-based first person dungeon crawling and survival horror as you explore a labyrinth filled with strange masks.

The tile-based dungeon crawling in Tower of Mask draws inspiration from classics like Eye of the Beholder. However, the movement is more fluid and you have free control of the camera so it almost feels like a first person … Read More

Bloodless – Beta Demo

Bloodless is a stylish samurai action adventure about a ronin who refuses to use a sword, and instead uses non-lethal combat to disarm her enemies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2022, Bloodless is an action adventure where you use your enemies’ aggression against them. You are a ronin who has returned to her homeland of Bakuguwa to confront her past. To … Read More