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Spring and autumn daily

Spring and autumn daily

Spring and autumn daily

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    Spring and autumn daily
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    AI mango
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    Clean book
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2023-03-18 15:45:16
As soon as Shen Luo graduated, he entered a foreign trade company with good reputation and lived a fairly stable ol life. As the holiday is coming, the best friend of the travel company invited her to Zhangjiajie to relax and experience a newly developed project of their company parachute jumping. She likes to play with her heart beat on weekdays. She was happy to be invited. She had fun with her classmates all the way, ate delicious food and breathed fresh air. She didn't want to play with her heart beat. There was something wrong with her heart beat. Joy begets sorrow... Inadvertently, I went through the most chaotic and turbulent spring and Autumn Period in Chinese history. As a liberal arts student, I remember the spring and Autumn period, but only the history teacher asked me to memorize "rites collapse and music break down" and "heroes emerge in large numbers". There are only these two sentences in my mind, only two sentences! Let her, who always thinks she is smart and has a good memory, seriously doubt that she uses her brain too much in advance. Her brain seems to decline in advance. What should I do! Online waiting, very urgent!!! She has never been the Lord who can't let go. If she comes, she will be at ease a few years later, Shen Luo smiled with satisfaction holding the ledger. This is the revenue ledger of the new branch this quarter, which has always satisfied her "goldfish" took a glance at the account book and asked lightly, "won't you be tired? SHEN Luo restrained his smiling face and replied solemnly: it's all for the sake of Jin. Although it's more complicated for you, I've always enjoyed it for the sake of Jin. Come on, come on... Luo Gan is omitted here. " goldfish " "The childe smiled and listened quietly for a long time, but she still didn't see her little mouth stop. She couldn't bear any more noise. Her thin lips covered her lips along her white and tender cheeks. Well, it was finally quiet.

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