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Travel lover

Travel lover

Travel lover

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    Travel lover
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    Liu Haifeng 6
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    Wine Novel
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Liu Haichuan quit his job with an annual salary of hundreds of thousands and resolutely decided to drive to Tibet to realize his dream of driving to Tibet many years ago. It was also to fulfill the promise he had made with his ex girlfriend Wu Xiaotian. When he was going to travel to Tibet alone, he met Wu Xiaotian at the cinema where he had watched movies with Wu Xiaotian, Wu Xiaotian also just wanted to leave for Tibet because of bad work. At the suggestion of Liu Haichuan, the two made three rules and drove to Tibet together as ordinary friends. Liu Haichuan was responsible for driving and making strategies. Wu Xiaotian was responsible for shooting the scenery along the way and managing their daily life. However, just entering Ganzi, Sichuan, Wu Xiaotian unfortunately caught a cold because of altitude sickness and rainy weather, Liu Haichuan rushed Wu Xiaotian to the hospital. The two remembered many scenes when they were together and couldn't help crying. After Wu Xiaotian recovered, the two continued to drive westward. On the way, they met many men and women with different stories, and many interesting stories also happened.