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Unfortunately, I didn t have an ending with you

Unfortunately, I didn t have an ending with you

Unfortunately, I didn t have an ending with you

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    Unfortunately, I didn t have an ending with you
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2022-09-22 16:21:31
After the college love break up, Cheng Chen and Yan Qing meet again because of the classmate gathering. When they meet Cheng Chen again, they find that they still can't forget Yan Qing. When Yan Qing sees Cheng Chen again, there are waves in her heart again. When she sees this person, she will still be involuntarily moved. When she heard that he had not been in love in recent years, she felt inexplicably that he was waiting for her until Cheng Chen asked him if he could release him from her blacklist. At that moment, she even felt that God had mercy on her and knew that she had been thinking about it, so she planned to give her a second chance. Later, they naturally got together, She thought everything would go on so smoothly. She thought they would have a future. But when more and more problems were accumulated, he was more and more lazy to explain. He just spoiled and begged her for forgiveness and repeatedly didn't change, Yan Qing began to think about the significance of the existence of this relationship. Cheng Chen, who repeatedly missed his appointment, also made Yan Qing more and more disappointed. After they ate her favorite octopus balls for the last time, She planned to leave, leaving a letter from Cheng Chen, and then left quietly.

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