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Infinite doomsday escape

Infinite doomsday escape

Infinite doomsday escape

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    Infinite doomsday escape
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    Ten day crane
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    Qishi Book
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2023-03-20 09:09:19
At the end of the world, LAN Xiaye died in the collapsed world, and then she was reborn. Just as she was preparing to hoard materials, she was selected by the legendary god space whether to participate in the end of terror again and again and become stronger on the edge of death, or refuse to grow obscene it seems that she has no choice... Looking at the gray "no" button, LAN Xiaye fell into meditation copy 1: there is a legend in the main god space. When you meet the girl named LAN Xiaye, don't be confused by her appearance and run immediately blue summer leaf:??? I'm just a weak woman people: fart Copy2: as we all know, blue summer leaves are very fat! There are countless props, ranking first in the table. Greedy people organized a siege and suppression, trying to kill LAN Xiaye with crowd tactics and inherit her massive props and points after countless deaths and injuries, the remaining people looked at the weak blue Xiaye and launched a crazy attack LAN Xiaye was angry. She opened her subconscious mind. With a gentle smile, everyone disappeared this is impossible! Before death, everyone's eyes show their desire to crack. How can anyone have such a strong subconscious unlimited flow of loyal enthusiasts, cut their own meat. Special world outlook: everyone has a subconscious, and the power of the subconscious will be much stronger than its own power.

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