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Regent, he s jealous again

Regent, he s jealous again

Regent, he s jealous again

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    Regent, he s jealous again
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    Cheng Zhenzhen
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    Mountain Book
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2023-05-19 21:09:46
At first sight, Ji Zhou looked at the charming appearance of Luocha and said, "I'm not ashamed to see you again. Ji Zhou looked at the flirting Luocha with his friends and said with disdain," goodbye. Ji Zhou looked at the intimate behavior of Luocha with a man and scolded: every morning and evening that day, Luocha was desperate to stop the knife for Ji Zhou. Ji Zhou thought, The woman must want to cling to herself. She is really a man who clings to the dragon and the Phoenix later, Ji Zhou watched the tea being embarrassed at the banquet and helped without thinking. Afterwards, he stared at his disobedient hand and told himself that he was not used to private affairs later, Ji Zhou watched the tea drench in the rain and flew into his arms to take care of the medicine himself. Afterwards, he told himself with some chagrin that he was just pitying her until, Ji Zhou was no longer used to seeing the woman smiling at others. Qiao couldn't bear her being wronged. The cold and alienated Regent began to fight in the face Sweet pet, clean body and mind, the Regent protects his wife daily

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