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Hurry time, love slowly

Hurry time, love slowly

Hurry time, love slowly

Rating: 9 / 10 from 319 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    Hurry time, love slowly
  • Author:

    May day
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    Ethical Novel
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In everyone's life, there will be an extremely difficult time. If others don't come in, they can't get out but some people are like a beam of light, shining in through the cracks, falling on our hearts and warming each other but life is a constant meeting and parting. Old wounds may not be healed yet, adding new scars even if we don't give up, we are still grateful and wave goodbye and blessings bravely if we always seek comfort, understanding and redemption from the outside world, we will not really learn to grow unless we are relieved at that moment growth is a long and painful process of introspection, negation, doubt and determination face up to and accept your imperfections, even the dark side in the corner we will understand that growth ultimately needs our own painful transformation when we learn to look inward for ourselves rather than outward for comfort, whether it's our inner nature or external material, we will achieve better ourselves in life, we must strive to become excellent, and then meet better people, encourage and grow each other.

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