PolyPine – Alpha Demo

PolyPine is a charming incremental forest simulation game where you create habitats for plants, insects and animals, and click on animals to make them poop!

In PolyPine you start with a few basic seeds and attempt to grow a thriving ecosystem. Your seeds grow into trees and plants which then earn you cash and unlock new species to add to your habitat. Each species of animals has their one unique behaviour, and if you click on them they do different things (moles die, bees look for nectar, deep poop, etc.) the poop isn’t isn’t just for fun either – it fertilises the ground to allow some of the more fussy plant species to thrive.

It’s a wonderfully chilled out and addictive game that allows you to build up your habitats quite quickly, turning a desolate wilderland into a thriving forest. A great little game that’s bursting with life (and animal poop).

Check Out PolyPine On Steam Here

Play The PolyPine Alpha Demo Here (Browser)